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Increase Your Profit

By Knowing Your Numbers

Taxanista takes the monkey off your back so you can go to doing what you love...Your business!

Clients based in the USA, Canada & Mexico

Licenses and Associations
ORGANIZED Accounting. PREPARED For the IRS. BUSINESS GROWTH. Increased profit

We have all levels of service to assist your startup,
growing and established business




Let us organize and keep
track of your income
and expenses so you
don't have to.

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We'll keep you straight from payroll, sales, income and estimated taxes, we've
got you covered.

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Stop the spinning and start focusing your resources on areas that are paying off
versus those that aren't.

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Sub Heading




Taxanista helps you focus on Patient Care. We focus on your Profit, so you can focus on your Patients. The Medical & Wellness Services industry we serve includes:

  • Independent physician associations
  • Private physician practices
  • Single-specialty clinics
  • Integrated physician practices
  • Multispecialty clinics
  • Hospital-based physicians
  • Dental offices


Taxanista helps you focus on Patient Care. We focus on your Profit, so you can focus on your Patients. The Medical & Wellness Services industry we serve includes:

  • Physicians
  • Graphic Design
  • Appliance Repair
  • General Contracting
  • Trades - HVAC, Paint, Plumb
  • Digital Marketing
  • any other service based professional

How We Help Your Business

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Just starting out and needing some help, this will increase your free time to bring in more business.

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Get a thorough understanding of your cashflow and why there is or is not cash in your bank.

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Get a thorough understanding of your cashflow and why there is or is not cash in your bank.



More time for you, growing your business. You've realized that you can't do it all.

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Avoid unnecessary worry, work with Taxanista to plan for your desired tax outcome.

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Focus on your next financial milestone and achieve it with Taxanista on your side.

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We accurately determine S-Corp and Officer payroll as well as assist with employees.

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Transcripts, Power of Attorney, Notices, Collections—we are experts in working with the IRS.

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Run your business & access your data anytime and from anywhere, securely.

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Angela and her insights are incredibly valuable. She helped me organize my finances, saved me enormous amounts of time and money, and has given me true peace of mind!

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Jenny Komenda Image

Jenny Komenda

Owner at Juniper Print Shop, HGTV Design Blogger, and dubbed "Reigning Queen of Accessible Design" by Better Homes and Gardens.

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Every single person I meet needs to be talking to Angela. Great coach. Give her a call!

5 Star Rating image
V. Eric Couch Pic

V. Eric Couch

CEO, ProVision Brokerage

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She knows about amazing tools and tricks for every business that can help to save you time, make you more efficient and make you more money. Angela is the bottomline expert!

5 Star Rating image
Dana Lam

Dana Lam

Best Selling Author and Co Founder of The Surprise Date Challenge





We know how unsettling some of your struggles may be. We offer private consultations for your business and tax matters. Reach out to us, we can help you.

A Few Of Our Amazing Clients Through Out The Years

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American Family Insurance & QF logos
Landcraft & Edward Jones Logo
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Angela has amazing opportunities and ideas for you to save money on your taxes and avoid an IRS audit. I 100% recommend Angela Sticca Snyder and Taxanista if you'd like to keep IRS at bay.

5 Star Rating image
Melinda Stallings Pic

Melinda Stallings

The Positive Consultant, author of "The Power of Positive Conflict Resolution"

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Taxanista is definitely the one to help you take your business to the next level.

5 Star Rating image
Dr. Deborah Matthew Pic

Dr. Deborah Matthew

Owner at Signature Wellness, Diplomat of the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, President of the North Carolina Integrative Medicine Society

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With her comprehensive approach, Angela has been a blessing from day one. She is the leader of a fast-paced team that is invaluable.

5 Star Rating image
Jessica Stellwagen Pic

Jessica Stellwagen

Owner at Bodify, named on the Inc 5000 list!



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Thank you very much for your kind words and all the support you and your amazing team are providing! You're truly taking the monkey off our backs! Thank you times a million!

5 Star Rating image
Kristen Edwards Pic

Kristen Edwards

Chief Admin Officer, Tricore Wellness

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I appreciate you going above and beyond today. It makes us feel at ease. Thanks so much, your team is amazing.

5 Star Rating image
Tamara Thompson

Tamara Thompson

Founder & Investor, Serious Take Productions

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I love how progressive you are with a lot of your operational nuances. Well done. I would like for you to continue to be our go to for all things tax, including strategies, efficiencies, and practices.

5 Star Rating image
Mike Coffman

Mike Coffman

Clear Mortgage


We have all levels of service to assist your startup,
growing and established business

Monthly reconciliations

Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet

Yearly tax monitoring

Best for a small business

Bookkeeping plus..

Job costing

Payroll processing

Invoicing to clients

Best for a growing business

Personalized tax planning

Audit ready organization

Your ally against the IRS

Income, Corporate,
Sales & Payroll Tax

Expert in business taxation

Strategy sessions

Budgeting & Growth planning

Set & monitor Business goals

Call us at 480-331-3316. We will be in Touch With You ASAP!


Leadership Award

Received at the Harvard Club of NYC

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Taxanista has been a great addition to our business! Angela has put together a great team. . . . they have helped us every step of the way. Wish I had switched to them earlier!

5 Star Rating image
George Dampsey Pic

George Dempsey

Owner at Preferred Appliance Sales and Repair

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We've been with Angela from Taxanista for about 5 years now. We had gone thru several accountants over the years and were never really happy with any of them until we found Taxanista Angela and her team is now our forever accountants.

5 Star Rating image
Tom Kissane Pic

Tom Kissane

Tiger Mechanical

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We're very excited to be working with Angela and her team at Taxanista! Having a team that understands so many different facets of our business makes it easier for us to focus on what we do best.

5 Star Rating image
Krystle McConnell Pic

Krystle McConnell

Lake Appliance Repair



Grow your PROFIT - Know your NUMBERS

What makes us different from other Accounting firms?

Taking a fully integrated and holistic approach in accounting ensures that all financial aspects are interconnected and considered together, providing a more complete and accurate understanding of the organization's financial status and future outlook. This approach helps in better decision-making, strategic planning, and maintaining financial health and compliance.

Peace of Mind. Strategic Plans. Preparedness
About Taxanista Video


Taxanista has been dedicated to its client for more the ten years. The teams mission continues to be to help business owners save in taxes and the back office to become better entrepreneurs. By taken on the nitty gritty of tax deductions, penalties, sales tax, payroll, and most importantly the IRS, Taxanista takes the monkey off your back so you can go to doing what you love...your business!

“Led accounting for Spectrum Astro, Inc. TWICE SELECTED AS FINALIST for US National Entrepreneur of the Year” “Controller for a two-time INC 500 rapid growth aerospace company during its HIGHEST GROWTH phases” “Led accounting for DOD Region 9 Prime Contractor of the year - FIRST AMONG 30,000 companies”
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Success Stories

Aimee Duffy Pic

Dr. Aimee Duffy
Carolina Integrative Medicine

Dr. Chris Perron Pic

Dr. Chris Perron
Perron Chiropractic

Dr. Inna Lozenski Pic

Dr. Inna Lozenski

Dr. Laura Temin Pic

Dr. Laura Temin
Founder, Professional Hypnosis Institute

Melinda Stallings Pic

Melinda Stallings
The Positive Consultant

Dr. Steve Wander Pic

Dr. Stephen Wander
The Functional Medicine Institute

Dana Lam Pic

Dana Lam
Author, Surprise Date Challenge

Dannie De Novo Pic

Dannie De Novo
Happiness Coach / Attorney

Kurt Francis Pic

Kurt Francis
Compass, Real Estate Marketing Strategist

Eric Couch Pic

Eric Couch
ProVision Brokerage

Dr Michael Simmons Pic

Dr. Michael Simmons
Physician, Speaker, Author & Consultant

Chavis Camp Pic

Chavous Camp
Realtor, Speaker, Coach

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Taxanista took on a rats nest and was just flat out top notch performance and service and got to work on the issues and stayed with it until they were fixed. 6 stars if I could, they get it and are here to help you grow your business and make money!!

5 Star Rating image
Whitney Jurjevich Pic

Whitney Jurjevich

Ameri Park RV & Boat

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Taxanista does an amazing job with tax planning! And their business consulting is top notch! Angela is really more of a business consultant. She is up on all the latest technology really just to make life more efficient so we can grow our businesses.

5 Star Rating image
Dr. Chris Perron Pic

Dr. Chris Perron

Owner, Perron Chiropractic, President at Virginia Chiropractic Assoc, Health Coach, Author & Speaker

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If you want a tax person who is gonna save you money, make you money and help you build your business, you definitely need to look to Angela Sticca Snyder.

5 Star Rating image
Dr. Laura Tamin Pic

Dr. Laura Tamin

Founder of Professional Hypnosis Institute, International Best Selling Author, TEDx Speaker, Marriage/Family Therapist


Our Team Consists of Integrated & Holistic Business Advisors

Angela Sticca Snyder Pic

Angela Sticca Snyder

FOUNDER & CEO | Strategist - Speaker - Tax Accountant

Angela is the consummate strategist. She loves listening, analyzing and developing strategic ideas and plans that bring excitement and comfort to those she mentors. She graduated from High School at 16, earned her Bachelors in Accounting at 19; and her Master's degree in Taxation at the age of 21. She is a federally licensed, IRS Enrolled Agent and maintains a former Federal ...

Terry Pic
Tax Manager
Terry joined Your Accountant’s Office in December 2014. He brings 28 years of experience in accounting and finance, including corporate, public accounting, and...
Verbina Pic
Verbina has always loved accounting and throughout the years it has really become her passion! It is easy to see this with all the degrees she has under her belt. She has a...
Tyler Pic
Working at Taxanista has been Tyler’s main experience as he has been working with the team since the beginning. He graduated from High School at 17, earned his Bachelors in...
Menchie Pic
Account Manager
Menchie has over 14 years of experience as a CPA. She joined Taxanista in 2013 and loves the flexibility and work-life balance it gives her. She takes pride in finishing her...
Marvin Pic
Account Manager
Marvin started working as a bookkeeper in 2013 when he was still in college. After finishing his Bachelor's Degree in Accountancy he was able to get his CPA...
Verena Pic
Account Manager
Verena is one of our accountants that comes with a packed punch of experience and knowledge. She has had experience in not only accounting, but also in payroll...
Reginald Pic
Account Manager
Reginald has over 10 years of experience as an Independent full-time Accountant and Bookkeeper for the US, Canada, UK & Australian based small and medium...
Christian Pic
Account Manager
Christian joined Taxanista in 2020 and is loving work environment here. She considers the staff as the work place family. After earning Bachelor of Science in ...
Melmar Pic
Account Manager
Melmar is Xero Certified and has 10 Years of experience in the field of Accounting. Melmar became a fulltime Accountant and Bookkeeper in 2016 for international...
Alyanna Pic
Account Manager
Alyanna has a 5-year working experience in accounting and is Xero and Quickbooks certified. She is career-driven and is currently devoting her extra time to...
Michael Pic
Account Manager
Michael is a member of the ASEAN Chartered Professional Accountant, a licensed CPA in the Philippines, and a Certified Management Consultant ...
Pati Pic
Tax Preparer
Pati joined Taxanista back in 2017. She has enjoyed the journey and seeing the growth and development of Team Taxanista over the years. Pati LOVES numbers and ...
Myra Pic
Myra joined Taxanista to further boost our growing team. She is a CPA and recently obtained her MBA with Emphasis in Accounting at the Grand Canyon University...
Kez Pic
Client Care
& Marketing
Kez is an Executive Assistant and has seven years of extensive experience as a Customer Relations and Project Manager. Her main task is to build rapport...
Grace Pic
Tax Admin
With passion in HR Management, Grace brings with her an extensive experience of administrative tasks, specially scheduling and correspondence. She is an ...
Mary Pic
Accounting Admin
Mary is a task-driven individual with 15+ years of administrative experience in managing client-centric office operations. She is equipped with exceptional ability ...
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Angela really got my brain in the right place … When she says “we got you covered and we can take care of you”, she means it!!

5 Star Rating image
Dr. Aimee Duffy Pic

Dr. Aimee Duffy

Wellness Physician, Author, Expert Speaker, Nationally Featured TV & Podcast Guest

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Angela is there for you. I just love your competency and confidence and I would trust you any day.

5 Star Rating image
Dr. Inna Lozinskaya Pic

Dr. Inna Lozinskaya

Founder and CEO. Midlife Wellness Institute, Hormone, High Performance and Longevity Expert

Quote Mark icon

Angela has been not only a wonderful resource for me in my taxes and my planning for my business but she has also been a great inspiration... I consider her a dear friend and a mentor.

5 Star Rating image
Kristi Hall Pic

Kristi Hall

Founder at Conscious Connections