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Our Team


Office Manager, aka Administa

Rosie can easily be called the glue of our office. She brings leadership skills that are unparalleled to any other. She brought her expertise with her prior background of 15 years in medical administration along with her degrees in Business Administration and Marketing. She is also fluent in both English and Spanish, showing her incredible heritage and love of learning.

She was born in Puerto Rico, and moved to the Big Apple at the age of 9. Later she moved to the suburbs of New York,  where she lived for 20 years while she raised her son. In 2009 she was ready for a change and moved out here to blazing Arizona.

Shortly after, she joined the Taxanista team in 2015, bringing with her a left brain attitude of attention to detail and organization skills. She goes as far as to even say that organization is a little bit of an obsession for her as she believes that, “everything has a home”. This is as true in her own home as it is in the office. In her spare time she likes to organize her closets. It’s her natural therapy.