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Angela Sticca Snyder

Angela Sticca Snyder

Founder & CEO, aka Chief Taxanista
Strategist - Speaker - Accountant - Author
Strategist - Speaker - Accountant - Author

Angela is the consummate strategist. She loves listening, analyzing and developing strategic ideas and plans that bring excitement and comfort to those she mentors.

She graduated from High School at 16, earned her Bachelors in Accounting at 19; and her Master's degree in Taxation at the age of 21. She is a federally licensed, IRS Enrolled Agent and maintains a former Federal Top Secret Security clearance. She has over 29 years of expertise in tax preparation, IRS audits, accounting, sales & profit growth, systemizing processes and business coaching.

Her talents lie in taxation, accounting, business consulting, organization and creating peace of mind out of chaos, including being proactive in planning for the future, and of course, making taxes and accounting FUN and understandable. She is a motivator and isn't afraid of change along with personal and professional growth.

She has two amazing children. Her son, Tyler, who is a junior ASU studying Accounting. Her daughter, Ashley, is in junior high and is beautifully gifted in choir and arts.

In her free time, she loves, cooking, gardening, and an occasional netflix binge.

Speaking at NASDAQ - Sharing Expert Tax Secrets

Entrepreneurial Leadership Award received at the Harvard Club of NYC

receiving the ENTREPRENEURIAL LEADERSHIP Award Harvard Club of New York City

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