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Our Team


Tax Preparer

Tanveer brings leadership skills. He brought his expertise with his prior background of 3 years in a Texas-based CPA firm along with his degrees in MBA. He is also doing ACCA apart from his job.

After completing his MBA, Tanveer moved his job to a largest Canadian organization which is one of the fast-growing conglomerates of vertical market software (VMS) companies and has a vast experience of financial and tax-related services.

Shortly after, he joined Taxanista in 2020 bringing with him a left-brain attitude of attention to detail and organizational skills, He joined as a Tax Preparer. He is a dedicated professional with smart business acumen. Tanveer has a strong command in the areas of new standards of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) and upstream taxation issues. Tanveer is also the person to turn to help you through the maze of states nexus regulations.