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Our Team


Tax Accountant, aka Taxanista

Winefreda, who is lovingly known as Winnie here in the office, is an amazing asset to our team. Winnie is a sweet spirit that brings knowledge and experience to our staff. She is a sort of “veteran” here at Taxanista with this being her 6th year with us. At first, she was reluctant to take the job and didn't think she would. Now, she is eternally grateful that she did, and has never looked back. She has been with us through many tax seasons, and is an old pro. She loves the complexity that the job brings and the “always changing” tax laws. She is now an empty nester with her two boys in college, but she continues to support them and dream of their success. She was born and raised in Manila, Philippines and does not plan to move anytime soon. She loves to watch movies with her family, shop online, and videoke her favorite rock star songs!