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There are more reasons to give your child a credit card that you may realize. For One, Piece of mind! Through children’s credit cards parents are able to control their kids spending habits and teach them more about how to become a smart and sensible with their money. It also helps to regulate your child’s chores and gives them motivation to finish them. Give them a real world feel to receiving payment for their work. 


There are many different types of children's credit cards that you can look into. Some of those include 

All of these can be great options for you and your child. We do not recommend any one of these above the other. They are all just get resources to look into. 


Is there a perfect age to start giving your kids credit cards? It honestly is your call! Most credit cards are able to be used from preschool aged children to even in college. There are certain companies have ranges based off of their product. Check into what card may work best for you and your family.

Check Out These Options 


  • Many different plans and prices 
  • Mastercard card that works with the app with your other cards 
  • Create Incentives to reinforce behavoir or chores 
  • Able to set up savings account 
  • ATM options 
  • No risk of overdrafts 
  • Wide range of ages 


  • Able to schedule allowences 
  • Get notifications everytime the card is used 
  • Transfer money instanly with a wait 
  • Choose which stores the card can be used at 
  • Mastercard card that works with the app with your other cards 
  • No Age Restrictions 
  • Low Monthly Fee 

Go Henry 

  • Good for young kids to teenagers 
  • Personalize cards to be fun and personal
  • Low Fee Per month 
  • Mastercard card that works with the app with your other cards 
  • Set weekly spending limits 
  • Set savings goals
  • Get alerted everytime your child uses the card 


  • Get for your pre-teen to high school youg graduate 
  • Track Allowance money and chores
  • Transfer money instantly without a wait 
  • Able to Pause or Replace if needed 
  • Low Yealry Fee
  • Set automated transfers into savings 
  • Visa Card 
  • Get alerted everytime your child uses the card 

All of these resources are great. We do not recommend one over the othe. We suggest to look through the sites and see which one fits you and your family the best!