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Our Team 

Why We LOVE What We Do

Taxanista has been dedicated to its client for more the ten years. The teams mission continues to be to help business owners save in taxes and the back office to become better entrepreneurs. By taken on the nitty gritty of tax deductions, penalties, sales tax, payroll, and most importantly the IRS, Taxanista takes the monkey off your back so you can go to doing what you love...your business! For years in the past and for years to come Taxnaista will always be dedicated to bringing the best out of the clients they work with and promise to always be your advocate whether that be for the IRS or just in life, Taxanista will be there! 


Angela Sticca Snyder 

...And this computer, which was called the Earth,
was so large that it was frequently mistaken for a planet,
especially by the strange ape-like beings who roamed its surface,
totally unaware that they were simply part of a gigantic computer program.
And this is very odd, because without that fairly simple and obvious
piece of knowledge, nothing that ever happened on the Earth could
possibly make the slightest bit of sense.

Terry G.

 Terry is truly a tax guru. You have a tax question, 98% of the time he will have the answer. This comes from the long list of...

Rosie P.

Rosie can easily be called the glue of our office. She brings leadership skills that are  unparallelled to any other. She...

Menchie U.

 Menchie is proud to be an Accountanista as she goes on almost 6 years with the company. She joined because she loved the...

Jackie U.

Jackie is an old familiar face having been with Taxanista since 2009.  She has taken a new role in our company. As our...

Marvin D.

Marvin is the newer addition to our Taxanista team when he joined in August 2017, and has slowly been making more and more of...

Winnie Z.

 Winefreda, who is lovingly known as Winnie here in the office, is an amazing asset to our team. Winnie is a sweet spirit that brings knowledge...

Geisson M.

Geisson is an innovative, problem-solving accountant. He learned most of these skills as he earned his Bachelor's degree in Accounting from...

Verena D.

Verena is one of our accountants that comes with a packed punch of experience and knowledge. She has had experience in...

Taylor C.

Taylor brings a smile and laugh to everyone in the office. She joined the Taxanista team in late 2017, and has been an instant staple in the family ever since. Her...

Hayley G.

Hayley is the newest addition to our office, joining in January 2019. Surviving through her first tax season she realized this was the place for her. Not only because...

Tyler S.

 Tyler may be young, but don't let that fool you! His knowledge is well shown in his roll here at Taxanista. As a Staff accountant he gets to implicate...


Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, Angel grew to love numbers and calculations. She loved them so much she planned to pursue a degree in Mathematics, but

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Phone: 480-331-3316
Fax: 480-365-0478
6638 E. Baseline Rd., Suite 101
Mesa, AZ 85206



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