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Why We Love What We Do

Taxanista has been dedicated to its clients for more than ten years. The team's mission continues to be to help business owners save in taxes and the back office to become better entrepreneurs. By taking on the nitty gritty of tax deductions, penalties, sales tax, payroll, and most importantly the IRS, Taxanista takes the monkey off your back so you can go to doing what you love...your business!

For years in the past, and for years to come, Taxanista will always be dedicated to bringing the best out of the clients they work with and promise to always be your advocate whether that be for the IRS or just in life, Taxanista will be there!



Angela is the consummate strategist. She loves listening, analyzing and developing strategic ideas and plans that bring excitement and comfort to those she mentors.

She graduated from High School at 16, earned her Bachelors in Accounting at 19; and her Master's degree in Taxation at the age of 21. She is a federally licensed, IRS Enrolled Agent and maintains a former Federal Top Secret Security clearance. She has over 29 years...

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Tax Manager

Terry joined Your Accountant’s Office in December 2014. He brings 28 years of experience in accounting and finance, including...

Accounting Manager

Verbina has always loved accounting and throughout the years it has really become her passion! It is easy to see this with all the degrees she has under...

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Operations Manager

Working at Taxanista has been Tyler’s main experience as he has been working with the team since the beginning. He graduated from High School at 17, earned his...

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Account Manager

Menchie is proud to be an Accountanista as she goes on almost 6 years with the company. She joined because she loved the...

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Account Manager
Marvin started working as a bookkeeper around 2013 when he was still a college student. After finishing his Bachelor's Degree ...
Account Manager
Verena is one of our accountants that comes with a packed punch of experience and knowledge. She has had experience in...

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Account Manager

Reginald has over 10 years of experience as an Independent full-time Accountant Bookkeeper for the US, Canada, UK & Australian ...

Account Manager

Christian joined Taxanista in 2020 and is loving work environment here. She considers the staff as the work place family. After earning ...

Account Manager

Melmar is Xero Certified and has 10 Years of experience in the field of Accounting. Melmar became a fulltime Accountant and Bookkeeper ...

Account Manager

Alyanna has a 5-year working experience in accounting and is Xero and Quickbooks certified. She is career-driven and is currently devoting ...

Account Manager

Michael is a member of the ASEAN Chartered Professional Accountant, a licensed CPA in the Philippines, and a Certified Management Consultant...

Tax Preparer

Pati joined Taxanista back in 2017. She has enjoyed the journey and seeing the growth and development of Team Taxanista over the years. Pati LOVES ...


Myra joined Taxanista to further boost our growing team. She is a CPA and recently obtained her MBA with Emphasis in Accounting at the Grand Canyon...

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Client Care & Marketing Coordinator

Kez is an Executive Assistant and has seven years of extensive experience as a Customer Relations and Project Manager. Her main task is to build rapport with...

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Tax Admin Coordinator

With passion in HR Management, Grace brings with her an extensive experience of administrative tasks, specially scheduling and ...

Accounting Admin Coordinator

Mary is a task-driven individual with 15+ years of administrative experience in managing client-centric office operations. She is equipped ...