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Our Team


Accounting Lead, aka Accountanista

Menchie is proud to be an Accountanista as she goes on almost 6 years with the company. She joined because she loved the flexible schedule and the work-life balance it gave her. As time has gone on she also has come to be close and love her co-workers. She brings a hard working spirit to the office that is easy to see just by the amount of certifications she has. She has her degree in Accounting as well as CPA license. She is also Xero certified.

Her hardworking spirit is not only appreciated at the office, but also at home where she takes care of her two children and also prepares for one on the way. She loves her home in the Philippines where she was raised, and plans to raise her own children there as well. She enjoys spending time with her kids. Kicking back and watching her favorite Korean movies is her favorite pastime