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Taxanista is one of the first accountants offices in Arizona to launch a free mobile Tax App. The great news is that this App can be downloaded free onto your iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. It's packed full of some really useful Tax Tables, Calculators, and important financial dates, all of which you will be able to access for free, anywhere you have an Internet connection on your device.


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Get your free App from Taxanista here:

You can download the App completely free of charge using the links below:

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What will the Taxanista Accountancy Tax App do for you?

The App has been carefully designed in response to the growing use of smart phones and mobile devices used by our clients across United States.  We wanted to develop a way to keep you up to date with the very latest news, views, and tips from Taxanista as well as providing you with key accounting data, in real time, at your fingertips.

1. Never lose a receipt again – using the receipt management tool.

(This app has the latest technology and offers software that allows you to Using the latest App, you can track receipts and expenses literally at the touch of a button. With minimal effort, you can take a picture of any receipt and save it to your App. Any additional information can be added later and receipts can be stored by amount, category, and date. It can help you track all your expenses with ease and enable us to interact digitally with you.

2. Keep track of journeys using the GPS mileage tracker logbook

When it comes to mileage tracking, half the battle is keeping an accurate tab on your journeys. Using the built-in GPS on your device, it will automatically help you to track mileage, helping you to record every single trip at the touch of a button. It also manages trips as well, storing them and allowing you to view, edit or email them with complete ease.

3. Keeping in touch via ‘Push Notifications’:

As a firm we are committed to finding ways to communicate and interact with clients in the most efficient possible way.  The new App enables us to send push notifications to all App users. We will be using this feature to share important news, deadline reminders and financial updates with you.

This App was designed to provide every service you could ask from us. We’ve put your favorite business systems, invaluable tools and features such as calculators, mileage logbooks, receipt and income management, instant access to the latest financial news and information and valuable company info, directly from us. With all this on one App, our App will likely be your go-to tool in the future.

4. Why did Taxanista develop its own App?

Taxanista likes to think that we are a proactive firm of accountants, helping companies and individuals across Mesa to become more successful, more profitable, and ultimately more enjoyable to run.  The Taxanista App gives you fantastic content and it makes it really easy to keep in touch. It has a simple ‘arrange to meet’ page, along with all our contact information.

We hope you enjoy the Taxanista App!