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Our Team


Account Manager

Verena is one of our accountants that comes with a packed punch of experience and knowledge. She has had experience in not only accounting, but also in payroll, auditing, financial analyzing, and even holds a degree in both accounting and law! This background was a huge addition to our team when she joined in 2014. She said that the 5 years that she has had with us has been some of the best. She hopes to continue on indefinitely, and even would love to open her own little branch of Taxanista in her hometown.

She just loves the people, flexibility, and relationships that the job brings. With us she had not only improved our accounting team emsley, but has also added to our technical lead department. Her hard working spirit was gained from her loving parents who both worked for the improvement of others. Her father worked in the government becoming the Vice Mayor of the town, and her mother was a grade school teacher. Along with their amazing example, Verena also learned to work hard and stand out as she grew up as one of eight. Now she has three children of her own that she could not be more proud of. When she is not practicing one of her two degrees she is either traveling or relaxing at home in her garden. Verena is also excited and eager to help.