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Save so Much This Halloween It’s Scary

Save so Much on Halloween it’s Scary!

Every year October marks the start of the holiday season, and we all know what that means! Money, money, everywhere! We all know that Christmas, but is it really that bad starting all the time, but is it really that bad starting all the way back here in October?

Well, USA Today says that Halloween has become a billion-dollar industry in the United States. Americans are projected to spend $9 billion this year on Halloween-related items and activities. An average person spends about $100 on Halloween. This may not seem too bad, but with Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas right around the corner, it is important to save where you can.

Halloween can be open of the best Holidays to save on. There are many tips and tricks that can help you stretch your pennies.

Candy and costumes are the best places to start.

When buying candy try to stay away from the separate holiday candy isle. Companies will up charge you without you knowing for the special holiday wrappers that the candy is wrapped in. Instead go to the normal year-round candy isle and pick up a bag of the same exact candy for a little less!

Costumes are another place to pick your pennies. Thrift stores, old costumes, dollar stores, and even your own current closet can be some of the best places to look for a costume savings.

Your closet can be a great place to find clothing for a decade costume. You can pretty much cover any decade with a few good pieces. Take a leather jacket, jeans, and some converse and you just became a 50’s greaser. Or you could throw back a little farther and grab and nice dress or suit and transform back to the early 1900’s. 

Another great place to find fun and inexpensive costumes can be the by using everyday items you can find around the house. Grab an apron and whisk and you just became a chef. Better yet, grab a pair of glasses, tap, and a book and you just became a lovable geek. 

It is also easy to create fun, fictional creatures for next to nothing. For example, just take a beanie, jeans, boots, and six of your closest friends and you just made a group of dwarfs. And most every girl at one point dreams about being a princess. So grab a dress, high heels, and put that paper crown on with sass! You deserve it! 

Here are some more budget ideas:

Whichever way you choose to save we hope you have a fun and safe holiday! Happy Halloween! 

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